Innovation and Development in agriculture and food

The Joint Research Unit “Innovation and Development in Agriculture and Food” brings together participants from INRA, CIRAD and Montpellier SupAgro. Its mission is to inform private and public actors’ decision-making by producing knowledge on the processes of innovation and development in agricultural and food systems.

Producteurs Africains et Indication Géographique © D.Chabrol
Restaurant de rue au marché du soir de Yawarat, Bangkok © G. Trebuil
Marché de Grabels, France © Y. Chiffoleau
Riziculture irriguée, lac Alaotra, Madagascar © E. Penot
Séchage des kakis dans le Guangxi, Chine © G.TREBUIL

Its research focuses on innovation processes, ranging from understanding the objectives of the actors wanting to innovate to analyzing innovations’ impacts on development. Its research also covers the methods required to support the actors who innovate. The Joint Research Unit carries out research in France and abroad. Its interdisciplinary nature brings together expertise in the agronomic sciences and the social sciences (economics, sociology-ethnology, geography, law, management sciences).

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